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I'm Claire, a 14 year old who is just kinda weird.
My main interests are Spirou, Gaston, Asterix, Lucky Luke and Sonic, and there are even other more but these are the only things that I only know, so there are even other random stuffs that I post.
Yup, like I recently started to like Rhett and Link (even Smosh).

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Laughter is like farting out of your mouth.
Link Neal, 2013 (via rhettandlink)

Okay, so in these days I have realised that I’m in art block right now.


He is the the cousin and the opposite of Fantasio. Zantafio is the real bad guy of the series. He is an upstart wrongdoer who will almost impose his dictatorship to a whole country.

André Franquin’s saying :

"It was an easy thought. The cousin Zantafio was as malicious as Fantasio was good. I did a sort of spoonerism with the name, and I gave him the same appearance, the same face, but he is as dark-haired as the other one is blond. (…) I wanted a strong resemblance and a contrast.”



me posing for a pic:



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When I was scrolling down through the pictures at the instagram (mostly Rhett and Link pictures from the fans) and I saw a picture of Link and I just said: “WHAT THE F**K DID I JUST SAW?!” and everyone in the room (my aunts, uncles and cousins) have just heard it.



These guys are so funny. Decided to edit this photo with their faces … 

oh my fucking god 

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Sonic went too fast

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I have absolutely no idea what this is but I absolutely love it!

this is my new favourite post ever on anything

Monty Python’s Flying Circus… possibly one of the best things to ever air

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Newest tattoo!

It’s on my left forearm. It’s a note my mom left me the night she died. Here’s a side-by-side shot of the two.

Deserves every note.

I cried and then I reblogged

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Few days ago my little cousin took my sketchbook and I asked him to take it back but he says that until I let him borrow my phone (I don’t let him borrow my phone because I’m using it). I refused, and he destroys it, and I threw my comics and pillows (on the couch) at the floor because I’m mad. Today, when my aunt is cleaning the house (because all of us in the house came to the beach), then she found and gave me the book Adventure Down Under and Spirou and Fantasio in New York. I have Running Scared at my bedroom and I can’t find my book Valley of the Exiles.


Spirou suite 1938

Story and art by Fabrice Parme, colouring by Veronique Dreher. Fabrice Parme also did the artwork of the one shot Panique en Atlantique.

Spip is really strong.

Of course, the number of the suite is a certain year…

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